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Ensuring Your Child's Needs Are Met

Both parties are legally obligated to support their children in the State of Washington. In a divorce or legal separation, the court can order one or both parties to provide support. Support is not just an amount a party may pay to support a child. Depending on the situation, you might also have to pay for health insurance, day care, school, and extracurricular activities. Child support is payable until the child reaches the age of 18 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs last. In Washington, you can be obligated to provide post-secondary support if your child attends college or a trade school.

Vancouver Trusted Child Support Attorney

Child Support in Washington

Washington courts use the Washington Child Support Schedule as a baseline for support. A child support order will include which parent will pay child support, what, if any, childcare and other expenses will be paid, and included in the support order. Depending on which parent is paying these extra expenses, they may be entitled to a credit toward their child support order. Child support can be complicated due to these additional expenses, 401k deductions of either party, seasonal work, union dues, retirement deductions, per diem pay, and state taxes (Oregon).

How is Child Support Determined?

In determining support, all income and resources of each parent's household shall be disclosed and considered by the court. Only the income of the parents of the children whose support is in question will be used. The court requires parents' information to determine the appropriate amount of child support. This determination is sometimes tricky if the other party is unemployed or self-employed. Therefore you need an experienced lawyer who can find out everything you need to know about your income to ensure the correct child support calculation.

Your Trusted and Experienced Advisor

Depending on your parenting time with your children, you may be entitled to a residential credit, reducing the amount of child support you pay the other parent. The court has discretion over such deductions based on various factors. When setting up a child support order, it's crucial to have a dedicated lawyer with years of experience dealing with these issues.

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