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ROBIN J. KRANE Robin J Krane is a family law attorney, specializing in counseling clients regarding divorce, mediation, separation, custody, prenuptial agreements, child support, maintenance and other legal issues. Ms. Krane has been practicing family law for over 30 years with her no-nonsense approach. She has extensive experience as a mediator in the conference room, and as a litigator in the courtroom. Ms. Krane will work with you to ensure that you fully understand the issues in your case, and will have a "game plan" for how she can help you achieve your goals. Her proactive approach means she will identify her clients' needs right from the start of a case, rather than simply reciting the law, and will apply the law to the relevant issues, and explain the results at each turn. Ms. Krane has the knowledge, and experience to represent any client in any divorce matter. From the most basic uncontested divorce, to highly contested divorces with complex financial issues, and/or custody disputes, Ms. Krane helps clients achieve lasting settlements, which protects their interests, and keeps costs down. Ms. Krane has proven herself to be a highly effective client advocate. There are many options to choose from when it comes to a divorce. These options may include litigation, mediation, or collaborative law, just to name a few. Each choice made brings with it certain natural consequences. Hire an attorney who is committed to you. Hire an attorney who cares about the outcome for you. Hire an attorney who knows what is important to fight about, and also knows what should be set aside. Hire an attorney who can get you to the other side safely, and with dignity. If you find yourself facing the reality of divorce, you may feel powerless, fearful of your ability to manage the battle ahead, or simply confused as to what steps to take to best protect yourself, and your family. You will find assurance, and comfort in knowing Ms. Krane has the experience, resources, and reputation to fully protect your interests. EXPERIENCE I opened my law practice in 1991 with an emphasis on Family Law. Since that time, I have dedicated my practice to handling only family law issues. This includes divorce, separation, custody, child support, property division, temporary orders, and other family law issues. I have helped thousands of clients resolve their Family Law issues including appearing in court for motion hearings, trials, and other types of hearings. I have helped clients through the mediation process to resolve their disputes without the courts intervention. I work closely with each client to ensure that they fully understand the issues in their case, and the game plan necessary to obtain their desired results. My pro-active, and no-nonsense approach, means I will work with the client to identify his/her needs right from the start of the case. I will identity any issues which may interfere with the client’s intended results, and explain each of these issues to the client at every stage of the proceedings. The client, and I, are a team, and by working together, we can navigate toward their desired results, while keeping costs down. With over 30 years of experience, there has been no case too difficult for me. I have experience with many types of family law cases from highly contested divorces with complex financial issues, property issues, custody and visitation disputes, domestic violence, support to less complex cases, and uncontested divorces. Effective, and Aggressive, When Pursuing Your Interests. I believe in resolving disputes without litigation if at all possible. However, if litigation becomes necessary, I am prepared to execute an effective and aggressive plan. I always actively pursue my client's interest. I pride myself in being attentive and responsive to my client, and their needs, throughout the process. I will answer all of your questions, as I care about your problems, and will return your telephone calls, and emails promptly. "It is my philosophy to ease the stress involved in a Divorce, or Family Law matter." I strive for a fair result for all my clients. This means that your assets are divided fairly, support is set at the right amount based on all facts, and the of the needs of the children, and your relationship with your children, is preserved. Results, Based on Goals, Executed Efficiently These results can be negotiated, but if the other party is unreasonable, or refuses to settle, I have the experience to be an aggressive advocate who can go the course to protect your interests. I try to keep your legal costs low by doing things right the first time, moving your case forward to completion, and I am always considerate of your ultimate goals. When choosing an Attorney there are many options. You should always meet with an attorney before hiring their services. Some questions to ask yourself are: • Will this Attorney be committed to you? • Will this Attorney care about my outcome? • Does this Attorney know what is important to fight about and what important to you? • Can this Attorney help me get to the other side safely and with dignity? If you find yourself facing the reality of divorce, you may feel powerless, fearful of your ability to manage the battle ahead, or simply confused as to what steps to take to best protect yourself, and your family. I have the power, resources, and reputation to fully protect your interests. I am a seasoned attorney who will be there for you. HISTORY The Law office of Robin J Krane was established in 1991 in Riverside, California, with an emphasis on handling family law matters. Prior to 1991, I worked for an Insurance Defense firm handling personal injury defense. I was an active member in the San Bernardino, and Riverside’s Bar association, with emphasis on providing pro bono services for family law clients in those communities who could not afford legal services. From the time I passed the bar, to the present day, I have always volunteered my time to those who could not afford legal representation. I was the Chairperson of the San Bernardino Law Day Program in 1988, and 1989. I have continued my pro bono activities in each community that I have practiced, including the San Bernardino Bar Association, Riverside Volunteer Attorney Program, San Jose Family Court, and Clark County Volunteer Lawyers. In 2005 I moved to Clark County with my family, and soon thereafter opened my office, continuing to provide services for family law clients. AWARDS & MEMBERSHIPS
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